Kent Bowl USBC Youth

Our sport of bowling has a lot of potential to provide fun, excercise, competition and reward to those who want to take advantage of those opportunities.  There is also a possibility that actions and situations may arise where it will be tempting to either bend or ignore the rules, get frustrated or upset, or just feel like quitting.  Between the Coach, the Youth Bowler and the Parent, we need to strike a balance in enjoying the good time and pushing past the bad.

Parents are always welcomed to watch!

Every Saturday at 9:30 - New bowlers are always welcome ages 6 - 20*
*must be 19 or under on August 1st of the current year

Kent Bowl Youth Scholarship

Points are awarded based on individual achievement in Prep, Junior, Major and Senior Divisions.

Each week, points are awarded based on:

Scholarship money is collected from:

Scholarship money will be held by the SMART scholarship program in the name of the top boy and girl point leaders for Fall and Spring sessions.  The money will be held until the boy or girl graduates from high school, and then paid out as reimbursement for school expenses.