Most Popular 9-Pin No Tap in the State
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9-Pin 2015-2016 Tournament Dates

1stSeason Opener - 5 Bonus PinsOctober 17th

2nd8-Pin Last Game - Double Bonus PinsNovember 21st

3rd8-Pin Last 2 Games - 1 Bonus PinDecember 19th

4th8-Pin Last Game - 1 Bonus PinJanuary 23rd

5th8-Pin Last Game - 1 Bonus PinFebruary 20th

6th8-Pin Last 2 Games - 1 Bonus PinMarch 19th

7thBarbara Fox 7-11 "Let it Ride" MemorialApril 16th

8th8-Pin Last Game - Double Bonus PinsMay 21st

9th8-Pin Last 2 Games - Double Bonus PinsJune 18th

10th8-Pin Last Game - Double Bonus PinsJuly 23rd

11th8-Pin Last Game - Double Bonus PinsAugust 20th

FinalsInvitation only based on eligibility
(must bowl 3 tournaments before August)
September 17th

We reserve the right to re-rate or refuse entry to any bowler